Hello, We’re UplinkMe

We believe in better internet. Internet without all the bull.

We believe locals deserve better internet. The big telcos have got it wrong and Aussie’s have fallen out of love with them. It’s time for a new kid on the block.  We will tell you why your internet isn’t working, we won’t lock you into plans, we don’t call you ma’am or sir on the phone. We will just give you what you want. Internet

We are a team of Adelaide Locals. We played at Dazzleland and Magic Mountain. The Malls Balls were our meeting spot before we had mobile phones. We are so local we probably have mutual friends. You are not a number you are our neighbour. We want to give our neighbours the local internet service they deserve  

We are passionate about changing the way you receive internet. We are building smart networks that detect faults on their own. We are building smarter companies and automating out the bull. Here’s to locals, changing the way people access the internet

The UplinkMe Story

We believe that everyone should have access to fast, affordable, reliable internet without the fuss. Here’s to locals, changing the way people access the internet. Learn how it all started