Australia’s newest internet service provider UplinkMe is in town. 

If you have ever had to call your internet service provider for support then you know how frustrating it can be and a big-time waster. Here at UplinkMe, we wanted to create a different experience for customers, one that was simple and local.  

Over 88 million customer service enquiries are made to the five largest telcos per year.   

It got us thinking. What if we had visibility over the network hardwareWhat if we could detecand fix outages as soon as they occur. Why not be transparent and tell customers “Sorry your service is down but we are fixing it.”  

We knew there was a better way to do things. To solve these challenges, we have built SmartWiFi  – a powerful WiFi network that detects faults on its own.  

Where it all started

UplinkMe started with an SMS conversation, from one friend to another. Adam Doyle had the idea of starting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) but with the goal to leave any bull at the door. Ethan Blaine jumped on-board and brought along a dream-team of experts with over 40 years of experience in the telecommunications world. It wasn’t long until we had decided on a name, accompanied by our motto; No Bull. Just Internet.  

Our motto was the easiest part to come up with. It’s what we all want; not just the humans who made UplinkMe possible, but no one likes bullsh*t and everyone just wants internet, so it seemed fitting.  

Part of the ‘Dream Team’, Melissa Brown, our branding and marketing genius, is responsible for how you see us. This includes our logo of course, which went through its own remarkably quick creation process and just like that – we had a brand. 

And ever since then we have been working hard to remove the bull from the process. Automation has been a big part of that.  

Most customers go through the same process to find a provider. They search online and wade through the sea of confusing options. Once they choose their service provider they get set up, then their service goes offline after a couple of weeks and the provider has no idea it’s offline. 

Most Telcos have processes in place for large cluster outages. For example, if 100 customers go offline, they might pick up on it, but anything under that, they don’t care. We wanted to find a better way.” Ethan Blaine.  

SmartWiFi that detects wireless interference on its own

Traditional fault detection is too dependent on the customer. Long technical support phone queue wait times are common and often faults have to be troubleshot with customer assistance.  

Not to mention the calls are often outsourced overseas, where you are called Maam or Sir at the end of every sentence. People just don’t want that sort of service.

Long technical support calls are often because ISP’s do not have visibility over the network. They can’t see what is causing the outage.

We have much more visibility about what could be causing an error. Our Smart-WiFi can detect wifi interference and automatically switch you to another frequency. 

When we do a Smart-WiFi installation we tailor the installation to what you need. Old cabling, large houses, inconsistent WiFi in your house, can all cause slow speeds and dropouts. Our SmartWiFi service fixes this by installing professional network equipment.

UplinkMe provides Apartments complexes with instant service activation 

UplinkMe’s products don’t only extend to the customer. We are providing internet connections to estates and multi-dwelling buildings. 

“Traditionally fibre installations are expensive, can take many hours to arrange and take months to physically have built, and never end up being that great for end-users.” Adam Doyle 

We wanted to change the way new residents connected to the internet.  People have so much to worry about when they are moving house. We wanted to take the burden of organising internet off their todo list. Our engineers found a way to build in instant service activation to our platform. 

Imagine move-in day – 5 minutes to sign up from your phone or laptop. Your online instantly and all your devices are connected! No other ISP offers that.  

We found that through automation we could also reduce our overheads. We provide developers with fibre infrastructure to developer building and land estates, at zero cost to the developer. UplinkMe fibre can expand customer speeds well beyond any other offer currently on the market and at a better price for end-users.  

UplinkMe makes weak WiFi signals a thing of the past 

One of the major complaints about WiFi is the patchy signal. A lot of people are spending hundreds on WiFi extenders or expensive devices that look like mini space ships – that really don’t solve all the problems if anyThey get a good signal in one room but a patchy signal in the other, and everyone is asking why 

“90% of the time patchy wifi is caused by wifi hardware not suitable for the task – so many people don’t know there are proper solutions that really don’t cost much at all” – Adam Doyle. 

Old cabling causes slow speeds and dropoutsfurther adding to WiFi problems, which can make going online frustrating. We wanted to be transparent with our customers about this. We offer our customera cabling upgrade as one of our products if they need it. Its an opportunity to talk to the customer and say Hey mate, you know you are in an old house. The cabling isnt great. If you want to fix your internet and WiFi you really need to get that fixed. 

We are tailoring services to what people need instead of fitting everyone in the one box. Our SmartWiFi service has also been a big part of our mission to fix patchy WiFi and internet services 

When SmartWiFi is installed we customized the hardware for your home and your situation. Fast and strong WiFi signal everywhere in your house. Imagine that! 

Keeping it local 

We are pretty proud to be an alllocal Adelaide team and we intend to keep it that way!  People want local support. They want a more tailored service and advice on their internet connectionPeople are sick of getting the run around by the larger telcos 

When we do a customised install. We are always taking everything into consideration. The aged of the building, construction materials, how large it is, the quality of cabling. People just need internet that works -Adam Doyle 

Larger telcos just don’t take the time to see what customers really need. 

UplinkMe provides the customised service that larger telcos fail to achieve.  

Servicing Local Business 

Our tailored services also extend to local businesses. Small businesses have different needs but often can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on cabling, hardware, and IT specialists to deliver specialist solutions. 

We find there are a lot of small business that need professional installs but can’t afford the inflated prices.  Some local businesses are using mobile 4G to receive internet for warehouse-size premises. Often other services were simply too hard to arrange and they are often quoted upwards of $7000 for installation and hardware. 

Local businesses are doing it tough. We make it all very easy and deliver these services with support at a fraction of the price. We have a local team that will come to your site and see what solution you need. Maybe it’s a WiFi hotspot for customers or finding a solution for WiFi black spots.  


NBN Residential

UplinkMe offers NBN tiers. Every plan with UplinkMe has no contracts or data limits. The only difference between the plans is the speed. 

  • NBN Starter – Best for grandma and grandpa or light users. Basic web surfing or email. 
  • NBN Solo – Best for singles, who use streaming video and audio services. 
  • NBN Streamer – Best for households with more than one person. 2 simultaneous video and audio streams and for those working from home. 
  • NBN Speeder – Best for larger households and gamers. Multiple video and audio streams. Web surfing email, working from home, all happening at once. 

NBN Business

UplinkMe offers 3 NBN tiers. Ask us for advice on an appropriate plan speed for your business. 

  • NBN – Business 25  
  • NBN – Business 50 
  • NBN – Business 100 


SmartWiFi can be purchased with UplinkMe NBN plansUplinkMe also offers customers of other internet providers who are locked into a contract the ability to purchase SmartWiFi separately. And we will provide your SmartWiFi with free remote management if you move your NBN service to UplinkMe when you NBN contract ends! 

SmartWiFi tailored hardware and installation starts from $399 inc GST for residential with no monthly plan fees when bundled with UplinkMe NBN plans.