VoIP the phone system that helps you save Big!

Make the switch from a traditional phone line to VoIP and save up to 80% off your phone.

No Contracts. Big Savings

The big telco’s can only give you the enterprise tag price! That’s bull!



What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. It offers countless more capabilities than analog phones. And it can do it all for less than half the cost.



Who is VoIP for?

Soon, everyone! Traditional phone lines are out the door! In a few years businesses with cooper cabling will need to switch to VoIP.  

 Simple VoIP Plans

Move from traditional phone line to VoIP and save, no matter which plan you choose


Simple Business
Pro Business
Monthly Cost $29.95 $49.95
Concurrent Calls 1 3
Local, National & Mobile Calls Within Australia Included Included
13/1300 Numbers $0.50 ea $0.50 ea
Contract No Contract No Contract 
Additional Concurrent Calls Per Month $9.95 ea $9.95 ea
Features All features included All features included


What can you do with VoIP?

Need something more customised? Easy, we work with you. 

Caller ID

Voicemail to E-Mail

Work from Home 

Call Recording

Call Queues


Disaster Recovery


Night Mode call diversion

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