Get the SmartWiFi Installation Experience

NBN is a great service but sometimes you don’t have a great experience.

Old cabling, large houses, inconsistent WiFi in your house, can all cause slow speeds and dropouts which can make going online frustrating for you and your family!

Our SmartWiFi service fixes this by installing professional network equipment, customised for your home and your situation.

No More WiFi Black Spots

We know internet and we get to the bottom of your patchy WiFi. Everybody will have access to the same fast Internet. Spotty internet will be a thing of the past.

Smarter WiFi

Our network is so smart it will detect interference and switch to a different frequency. 

Tailored Internet For You

We tailor your installation to what you need. The right hardware, the right cabling. 

Get the right hardware for your home


Don’t let your WiFi be the bottleneck.

The local Adelaide UplinkMe consultants will guide you through the hardware selection process. For a premium internet experience, we recommend talking to our team today about how we can help you get the most from your NBN service.

Prices start from $399 for professional installation and hardware with no monthly fee when bundled with UplinkMe NBN plans.

Get the most of your NBN speeds

Don’t let the wrong hardware and poor internet set up slow down your internet. 

Enterprise-grade hardware for your home

Get the professional set up that you need.  We provide with enterprise-grade equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Smarter Troubleshooting

Our comprehensive network diagnostics ensure that if your network does go down we will have the tools to get your up and running faster.

Get complete WiFi coverage around your home

Your WiFi equipment is installed where you need it to ensure perfect WiFi in every room. 

Professional WiFi Assessment

You will receive a professional WiFi assessment before and after installation. We will get to the cause of your spotty WiFi once and for all.

Interference Proof

Experiencing dropouts due to WiFi interference? Our network can detect WiFi interference and switch to a different frequency without dropping out. 

Get a SmartWiFi Installation 

I have UplinkMe NBN

Prices start from $399 for professional installation and hardware with no monthly fee when bundled with UplinkMe NBN plans.

No Monthly Fee

Prices start from $399 

I have Internet with another service provider

We have monthly plans available for those who wish to keep their current internet service provider. Don’t want to pay the monthly fee? We will waive the SmartWiFi monthly fee if you switch to UplinkMe NBN plan at the end of your internet contract.

Monthly Fee

Prices start from $399


SmartWiFi Plans


Call 1300 510 610 to speak to a consultant.

What hardware will be installed in my house?

Our SmartWiFi installation service comes with one WiFi access point and one edge router.

Is a WiFi access point the same as a modem?

No, most modems a combination of hardware, including a modem, router and wireless access point. Modems are designed to sit on a bench or desk. WiFi access points are WiFi hardware only, and they are designed to be much more flexible with installation. 

Why do you install the modem in my ceiling?

Installing a WiFi access point on a ceiling, wall, or sometimes in your roof space, is all about placing the wireless access point in a location that allows for great distribution of WiFi signals through your home. Often solid brick walls can get it the way of wifi signals. We place the wireless access point in a location best suited for your home.

Will there be any cabling?

In the standard installation all cabling is installed in the roof. You will not see it. However, you may require some visible cabling depending on your situation. Double brick or two-story homes will often require cabling.  

Why do I need to call to receive a quote?

We are interested in giving you a ‘No Bull’ solution. Every house is unique. Larger, double brick or multistory homes may require more WiFi access points. We need to call to understand your situation. We are not interested in making a quick one size fits all sale. We want to give you the coverage you have been wanting.

What about WiFi extenders?

WiFi Extenders can reduce speed and dilute the signal.