Know your NBN Service Class number but not what it actually means? Check them out to know more about what your home or business can sign up for today!

The nbn™ is built on several unique technology types ranging from early FTTP beginnings to the more recent FTTC technology. Thing is, not every home and business in the country has the same type and certainly not the same status (ready, in-construction, TBA), so nbn™ have created statuses to align with each type of technology – these are called Service Classes.

Each Service Class has it’s own identifiable number which comes with a description of where that specific service is at as far as you connecting to the nbn™.

To save you some hassle, we’ve gone ahead and listed all the current Service Classes below: 

Technology Type

Service Class




Fibre to the Premises is planned for the address but hasn’t made it’s way down the street just yet.

PS. We also don’t know why they didn’t start at #1

There is fibre running down the street but hasn’t made it to the actual building yet but we can place an order for nbn™ to visit and install a unit outside and the NTD (Network Termination Device) inside.
If Service Class 1 was only half-completed, the outside unit is in place but still needs an NTD installed.
Woohoo! Fibre to the Premises is available. Order now!

Fixed Wireless

This address is planned to be servicabe by Fixed Wireless (antenna on the roof, pointing to the closest nbn™ tower) but isn’t available to order yet. You should be notified by nbn™ when the towers are operational in the area.
Serviceable by nbn™ Fixed Wireless, but there is no indoor NTD or external antenna in place. An order can be placed today for nbn™ to attend and install the required equipment.
The service is ready to go with an antenna and NTD installed. Order today to get online within a day or so.


7 – 9
Service Classes 7, 8 & 9 are all related to nbn™ Satellite which UplinkMe does not offer.


nbn™ are still planning the rollout to this area and as such, no order can be made yet.
Fibre to the Node/Basement is available in the area but some more work needs to be done before you’re online with nbn™. UplinkMe always recommends ordering a new lead-in from the outside of your house to the phone socket inside. We offer this for $169.95 – simply select In-Premises Cabling Required when signing up. For FTTB services, you need to make sure the technician has access to the basement/comms room. Jumpering and some other work still need to be completed by nbn™ (jumpering just means connecting the old analogue phone line to the nbn™ at the exchange/Node).
This means the address is pretty much ready to connect but likely needs a quick appointment by nbn™.
All of the appointment work has been done and the address is ready to connect within a day or so.


HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) will eventually service this address but not yet. nbn™ will notify residents in the area when it’s ready to order.
Servicable by HFC but no lead-in or NTD has been installed.
A HFC lead-in has been run to the house but no NTD or wall-socket has been installed by nbn™ yet.
The lead-in & wall-socket is in place but it’s missing an NTD.
HFC is ready to go! Order today to be online within a day or so.


FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) will service this address.
The main FTTC infrastructure has been rolled out but the line from the street to the premises is yet to be connected.
The lead-in has been done and FTTC is now available to order.
An nbn™ NCD (Network Connection Device) needs to be installed by a technician.
The address is totally servicable by FTTC and activation usually happens within a day.


Check your address now to see if you can get nbn™ with UplinkMe today!